1 November 2012 at 10 PM
Castle Sychrov, Czech Republic

With this happening, Kristek enteres a ‘landscape' where the precious cultural jewels must be guarded with guns. The guard consists of nuns; in Kristek's fantasy, the nuns are often men. The air is no more breathable so they carry gas masks. The gathering strikingly resembles neurotic postmodern society where people became only numbers. The addiction on news is so heavy that TV must be brought everywhere. The greed and overconsume leads to society's destruction followed by a question: ‘Who will survive?'
In Kristek's happenings, the Cosmos or the Cosmic Keeper character can often be found. He never intervenes directly, but sometimes changes the course of events. Here he gives birth to a ballerina who reveals, under the pile of corpses, the last survivors. Those who were not susceptible to all the baubles and who were called mentally ill avoided the destruction and start to lead the way. They come to recognize the basis of existence and return to the human senses.
This happening was part of 2nd International Conference Quo Vadis II held by the National Heritage Institute at the castle Sychrov.